Surprisingly, the APU team has had amazing feedback regarding the Teacher’s Training. Although none of us are teachers, the discipleship portions of the day are refreshing our souls. Today, Pastor Kay gave an extremely impactful session on the soul. She spoke on how the soul aligns body, mind, and heart when it is tuned into God. She exhorted us to seek times of silence and solitude in order to participate in this. At the end of her session she read, almost praying, Psalm 23 over all of us as we envisioned ourselves in the passage. God’s work during that time beautifully moved many of the teachers to tears.

During lunch, the women teachers made gorgeous Jasmine garlands from Jasmine blossoms that Sarah Miss brought from her home. They lovingly pinned them into our hair, filling the room with the soothing, sweet scent of their gracious gesture. After a few team-building activities, which bred lively competition, Kay spoke on being Jesus in our respective areas of life. She gave a wonderful illustration of Jesus encasing our body as the Spirit fills, making it so that we are surrounded with God’s immeasurable power wherever we are and in whatever we do. Matt finished today’s session by having the APU team and the Riverside teachers brainstorm ways to make the classroom environment a creative and engaging space.

Post-Teacher’s Training, many of the team members crowded into an Operating Room in Subbamma Christian Hospital to witness new life enter the world. Here, few restrictions apply to the hospital setting so watching a C-Section left many with wide eyes and graphic pictures.

Once all had returned, the APU team enjoyed time on the roof of our home here, letting the breeze and India’s orange sun refresh our souls like we do every evening before dinner. We all treasure this sweet time of fellowship as we come together to listen to, laugh with, and support one another.

Tomorrow, we begin the last day of Teacher’s Training. Please, pray that our final, concentrated time together will be a sweet time of blessing for all involved.


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Falling in love with India more every day,

Leo, Katie, and the Team