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It has been another incredible, meaningful day in Mori. Our team cannot stop mentioning how grateful we are to be here and have the opportunities that we’ve been given. In the words of our teammate Rachel, we are getting to “literally be the hands and feet of Jesus.” We cannot think of anything in this world that we would rather be doing. We thank God for allowing Katie, a registered nurse who agreed to lead our team, to arrive safely and already be such a great blessing to us.

After breakfast, Sailo, the general manager of the hospital, encouraged us with the fact that when we act by faith, God uses the seemingly small and insignificant abilities we have to offer and does great, powerful works in peoples’ lives.

Our Simpson team arrived at a Christian church and were thankful to discover that we would put on the medical camp in a very large, open, shaded area with fans cooling us from overhead. We began setting up, laying out the suitcases of medications, and dividing up the different tasks. Some of us served as the gatekeeper, some assessed patients, some checked blood glucose levels, and some helped the pharmacist distribute medications. At this point, we have developed a fairly well-working system and we have learned to be flexible as we go from location to location. A couple of our teammates were able to perform wound care, and they did excellent practicing what they’ve been taught. It was exciting to learn that most of the Indians we encountered here at the church already knew Jesus! Yet we continued to hand out papers sharing the gospel in Telugu, the local language, and some of our teammates spoke with a woman who was Hindu.

After lunch, our second camp was held inside of a small building, and at this camp we had a kind Indian friend with us who could translate as Steven shared the gospel. We also gave out the papers of the gospel in Telugu. There were fewer people visiting our medical camps today than there were yesterday, but we are glad for each one who did visit.

Throughout the day I remembered what Sailo had said about what God does when we do little things with great faith. I thought of how simple the care is that we are providing at these camps, when many of the people we encounter have major health problems or are malnourished. What our team does is take vital signs, assess their main concerns/pain, take their blood glucose, direct them to the Indian pharmacist who provides them with medications, vitamins, or supplements to relieve their pain and symptoms for a time, pray for them, and refer them to visit Subbamma Christian Hospital. These are simple procedures, yet the Indian people are more appreciative than our team will ever know, and God is doing greater works than we can imagine. Despite the great pain that many people were facing, I witnessed faces that beamed with joy, sincerity, gratitude, and hope. I wonder if being heard, understood, and shown love is what meant the most to these people today. Knowing how great, mighty, good, and loving our God is, we have faith that He is using every little smile, caring touch, interaction, and medication we have to offer. He is using every small thing to bring glory to His name and to lead hearts nearer to the healing that comes from Jesus alone.

At the end of the night, our team met to debrief on the roof of the house we are staying in. With our eyes gazing at the stars, we took time to call out attributes of the Lord we are thankful for, and to pray aloud. My heart was filled with contentment, joy, and warmth. I thank God for how He has bonded our team together. We lovingly support and look out for one another, and we are each eager to serve however we can.

I also thank God for the large group of loving, friendly, godly, and committed people that are here at the same time we are. This includes the APU team and those working with the school ministry, the interns, those running Hope for People, and those caring for our needs at the home we stay at. It feels like we are one huge family, as we live under the same roof and share meals, devotions, time, and conversations together. They are truly committed to the Lord and it’s a privilege to learn from them.

With Love,