by Aubrey Cronk, Simpson University Nursing

Today was a beautiful day here in Mori. After beginning our day with breakfast and devotions, our medical team traveled to a nearby village to put on yet another medical camp. As we pulled up to the spot where we were to set up camp, I remember thinking to myself “there’s barely any people here; I suppose it’ll be a short one today.” Little did I know that we would actually see 150 patients at today’s camp! Once we were all set up and had our stations in place, I jumped into caring for the people of this village. With the help of my translator, I was able to assess and talk with dozens of patients during this camp. And while the medical care I was providing was important, the most rewarding and beautiful thing I was able to do was to pray with my patients. One woman I saw today stands out to me in particular; after assessing her, I decided to send her straight to the doctor in order for her needs to be met. After taking her over to the station where the doctor was seated, I went back to work assessing more patients. At one point, I looked up and saw this same woman sitting several feet away from me. I asked my translator why she had come back to my station, and he told me that she wanted me to pray for her. Once I finished assessing the patient I was with at the moment, I walked over to this woman, knelt down, and took her hands and prayed for her. It was absolutely incredible and I know that I will cherish this moment for years to come. God has blessed me greatly in allowing me to be a part of this mission team and provide care to people who are so desperately in need of it.