Today we visited a beautiful church in a village near the Bay of Bengal. About 90 kids were there waiting for our VBS program. We fixed a few of our mistakes from yesterday and the VBS flowed smoothly. One of the teachers, Jenny, was able to translate very fluently and the kids understood that they were children of purpose. They made crowns to show their worth, traced their hands to show their individuality, and gave messages of encouragement to each other. The VBS ended with seven new students joining Riverside school.
A Riverside School Alumni, Michael, arrived this morning to volunteer with our team. He is very helpful for the team as he speaks Telegu (the native language here) and English. Michael also shared his testimony with us about how he went to Riverside school and was a mean kid, but he was transformed by the messages and the love that the teachers at the school showed him. He is now working on his business administration degree. We are looking forward to getting to know him more.
The two dentists came with us again and ran a successful dental clinic outside of the church where they screened about 16 people, which is impressive because it is a very small rural area that we were in.
Carly gave the devotional today and talked about pottery as a functional art, it can be shaped and molded. She talked about how God is the potter and we are pottery being molded in his image. We are striving to remember this throughout the day as we go through ups and downs.
Some things we would appreciate prayer for are Pastor Gerry and Pastor Kay starting their Pastor’s conference tomorrow. They have been preparing many long hours for it to begin. Also, Katie has a swollen knee that is impacting her a little bit. Other than that, the team morale is very high.
Striving to remember God’s love every minute,
Leo, Katie, and the Team.