Princy Jacob, Upper Kindergarten

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UKG I am Princy Jacob. This my 10th year teaching, 3 years at Riverside. I love teaching and children. I hope that I can impact my students’ community to present them pure and matured before God. I found Riverside school is the best place to accomplish my goal, by teaching my 40 adorable Kindergarten students about God’s love for them. Please pray for my future and my life to be holy and acceptable to God.



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A Cute Kindergartener

Upper Kindergarten is the biggest class this year with 65 students enrolled. Many students can feel shy, but little Jerusha, nicknamed Jessie, feels right at home in the crowd. She's the daughter of a pastor and Riverside's own Telegu teacher, Mrs. Sarah. Her parents...

Praying for Understanding

       Vishal is an energetic 4-year-old in the Upper Kindergarten class. He loves anything that rotates and can often be seen looking up excitedly at the fan. Sadly, it can sometimes feel like Vishal's life is spinning out of control.      Psychological problems...

Sujin is so curious to know new things!

Sujin is studying in UKG. Miss. Princy, the class teacher, is so excited to talk about  Sujin, who is only 4 years old, but is so curious to know new things. Sometimes he thinks and speaks beyond what she has taught in class! Sujin always wants to be first among his...

Roshini; Unhealthy but Brave

Hello to all and greetings from India! I am very proud of my class, since out of 33 students, only 4 of them are very weak in their studies. The 1st academic term I struggled a lot with the syllabus, but by the grace of God my children have improved. I personally pray...