According to his teachers, Unmesh used to be a troublemaker in the classroom. They describe him as “rough” and difficult to handle. Now, Ms. Indira says that she has noticed a change in character. Unmesh says that his goal is to get good grades, graduate, and obtain a good job so that he can support his mother, who works as part of the campus cleaning staff. He says that after five years in the workforce, he wants to make enough money so that his mother will not need to work anymore.

Unmesh enjoys studying English and playing kabbadi. He is still unsure about the career path he wants, but his family is a priority for him. His care and compassion is evident in the way he looks out for both his mother and younger sister. Since joining Riverside in LKG to now studying in 10th grade, Unmesh has grown up to be an upstanding student, brother, and son.