One day in late June, first grader Joshua’s dad was late to pick him up, but Joshua was not phased. The brave and happy kid just walked around campus hand-in-hand with his English teacher, Ms. Elsu, and joined in on a small birthday celebration for one of the hostel kids. He munched on cake and swung his feet as he sat on a chair far too big for his tiny frame.

     His chipper attitude is surprising when considering his circumstances as the smallest child in first grade. One of his legs is much shorter than the other. Ms. Joice says, “Joshua needs prayer. Physically, he is weak.” Joshua is from a loving Christian family who always picks Joshua up when he falls. Joshua’s classmates have also caught on that he is weaker than the rest, and luckily, they have become a system of support for him rather than choosing to bully him.

     Please pray for Joshua’s growth and health, and for his classmates to continue to show him kindness. Pray for his spiritual growth as well.