Crashing thunder, flashing lightning, and pouring rain greeted us early this morning. We began preparing for VBS here at Riverside, but by the time breakfast was over the rain still had not stopped. Instead of VBS, we dressed in our Sunday best and headed to a Christian Indian wedding. Pastor Vijayam kindly welcomed the team to come to his daughter’s wedding and asked Pastor Gerry to say a blessing over the new couple. Solomon Sir also had a chance to pray over the couple’s new life as one.

It was a fascinating experience to say the least. By the end of the ceremony we heard more than our fair share of Telegu. Many pastors spoke and prayed over the couple’s life together as they were draped with garland after garland—all of them meaningful in different manners. Today was also Pastor Vijayam and his wife’s anniversary—they’ve been married a total of 37 years! It was amazing to see the congregation around them recognize and honor their commitment to one another.

Following the service, our team ate with the village (quite literally) as they celebrated the marriage. Huge vats produced a wonderful meal that quickly filled our stomachs with hot rice, spicy lamb curry, fried chicken and banana—all of which we ate with our (right) hands. It was truly a day to remember.

This afternoon allowed for a small break in our hectic schedule, giving us a few free hours to fill in whatever manner we need—mostly we napped. Then, Solomon told us many wonderful stories of God’s work and how this ministry came to be. We were all in awe of his grandmother, Subbamma, and her dedication to doing the work of the Lord despite the many hardships she faced.

Tomorrow is our full day of rest, Praise the Lord. Check back to see how our visit to the temple and the Bay of Bengal goes.


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Grateful for the sweet memories,

Leo, Katie and the Team