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  Akshaya,  Rajeena and Kranthi Kumari are stars in LKG

Even though these three are from different families, they live like they are from the same family. They do everything in union. In one sense, the entire class is under their surveillance. As their class teacher I feel happy to talk about their helpful spirits. Kranthi Kumari helps the other kids in their studies – to do the class work, to help weak kids and to help arrange their study tools like their pencil, textbook and workbook. Rajeena is so careful about the discipline of the class. She watches if everyone comes on time, if anyone goes out without permission and if the kids are keeping the class clean. Akshaya is always with crying kids, encouraging them to study and to stay in the class even after their parents leave.

Indeed, the kids in Lower kindergarten are promising for the future. Please pray for them.