This morning, Matt gave a wonderful sermon on living in the Lord’s power. It is true that, as humans, we have the ability to do things. However, we can only make it so far on our own. When we finally come to the end of ourselves, realizing that our flesh can only do so much, we crucify our flesh with Christ, live in the Spirit, and experience amazing, victorious lives for the Kingdom of God.

After Matt’s sermon, Pastor Ratna Raju invited Pastor Gerry to give a sermon at his church. Pastor Ratna holds a special place in Solomon’s heart due to their long-standing friendship. Despite Pastor Ratna’s blindness from birth, he loves connecting with people—even using technology like Facebook for connection. Both APU and Simpson tagged along to sing in front of his congregation. Pastor Gerry spoke similarly about experiencing power in Christ by using Paul’s life as an example. He encouraged us all to find our confidence in Christ, concentrating on Him, committing our lives to Him, and finding true contentment in His power.

This afternoon, Matt, Pastor Gerry, and Pastor Kay prayed with the contractor to dedicate the new construction on campus, which will begin shortly. The APU team spent a good amount of time debriefing our past three weeks, connecting with each other, packing, and drawing with Mendhi on each other. All in all, we have learned much about adaptability, leadership, work, and rest.

Tomorrow is the first day of school at Riverside and our last day here in Mori. We are beyond grateful for what has happened here in Mori and the ways that God has been at work despite our failing flesh.


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Praying for His power to overtake us daily,

Leo, Katie, and the Team