The Simpson team woke up this Sunday morning to black stormy skies, rain, and lightning! The rain was a welcome relief from the heat!

We started the day off at church with a message by Matt Sanders on how our works could never reconcile us to God, and they only way we can come to Him is through Jesus’ blood. He used the example of a turtle on a fence post  – you know the turtle didn’t get there by himself, someone had to put him there! In the same way we can’t bring ourselves to God except through God Himself.
After that service concluded, we hopped into the bus and took a ride to local GDM Baptist Church that is led by a blind pastor named Ratna Raju. He has been serving since his young age, committed himself to the ministry even though he is blind. He is active on Facebook, using technology for the glory of God to reach others, despite his handicaps. He is led by the Holy Spirit and does not allow difficult circumstances to  During the service our team had the amazing privilege and honor of leading praises and worship before the congregation! It was a great opportunity for our team to witness an Indian church service and listen to the congregation praise the Lord in Telegu.
Later in the afternoon, the Simpson team was delighted to have a visit from Dr. Srintvasan Gandhi, Principal of KIMS College of Nursing, who brought a banner signed by all of his students for us to take home to the States! We had a great time sharing tea and coffee and discussing the differences and similarities between nursing and nursing education in the United States and India. We were so excited to build friendships and connections with our nursing colleagues here in India and we look forward to more opportunities to work together in the future!
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