My name is Rebka and I am an 8-year-old girl in 2nd grade at Riverside School. Before I came here, I went to a boarding school, so when my dad signed me up here this year, I was happy to be able to live at home.

     I like to read and I like to play, but sometimes life at home is too stressful to enjoy those activities. My parents used to quarrel a lot. My sister, Angel, and I would feel upset each time our parents fought, and we didn’t know what to do.

     One day, my parents were arguing and I decided to pray to God. I asked Him to forgive my parents and to help them forgive each other. God answered my prayer, and now my family is united again! The love of my family was made stronger by the love of Christ in our lives.

     I love Jesus a lot. I pray to Him many times a day.

     Please pray for me and my faith in Christ. Please ask a blessing for the unity of my family. Please pray that my parents will get along so that Angel and I can keep doing what we love to do: reading and playing!