On the third and final day of our Pastor’s Conference, we noticed that two Pastors, father and son, were missing. About an hour into the day we received word that both Pastors were responding to a tragic accident involving two female members of their church.
As the story came to light we were shocked to here that earlier that morning, a 52 year old mother and her 22 year old daughter-in-law were working outside when they came into contact with a live electrical wire and were both electrocuted, killing both women instantly.


Feeling deeply for the grieving family members of these two women, my wife and I decided to attempt to call on the family the morning after this tragedy. With the help of Pastor Shalem and his gift as a translator, we went to the family home and were welcomed into their midst. We sought to bring the presence  and comfort of Jesus Christ to this hurting family. Sharing God’s Word, expressing our sympathy, offering prayers for comfort, peace, hope and healing, was greatly appreciated and graciously received by the family.

Before we said good-bye we asked the family that when we returned to Mori one year from now, would it be possible for us to come and visit them to see how they are doing so that we could continue to build a relationship now that we have grieved together. Without hesitation they said yes, please come.

Life can be hard. Especially in India. It is because of this reality that Hope for People is committed to continue to bring teams of caring believers who simply want to bring Jesus Christ into the lives of people who our Father in Heaven loves. My wife and I are blessed to be able to be a part of such a caring and committed group of Christ-Followers.

Below are photos from our visits to some of the local pastors’ churches and homes. Amidst great sorrow, we experienced joy to fellowship and deepen our relationships with these communities.