My name is Amulya and I am in ninth class. I have lived at Riverside since my childhood because my parents work abroad in Israel, helping old people that can’t care for themselves. So I had to grow up in the hostel on campus.

     Hostel life had it’s ups and downs. I loved living next to my favorite teacher, Ms. Treesamma. She teaches so well and talks nicely to all her students. What I didn’t like so much was living with my older classmate, Shiny. She and I could never get along, and one day I told her that I hated her. It was one of the lowest moments of my life.

     We were both upset, but I felt so sad that I had said something so mean. I said I was sorry to Shiny and she accepted my apology. God forgave us both and brought peace to our lives.

     Now, I don’t live in regret anymore because I know that God has forgiven me.

     Please pray for me that I will achieve my goals to get good grades and to become a doctor someday. Please pray that my faith in God will continue to grow.