Riverside School is a mission-oriented school and therefore gives a high priority to bringing up lives in divine love and compassion. There are many students studying here who were attracted by the mission concept of Riverside school. Subbamma, studying in 5th grade is one example for that. Subbamma Christian Hospital is the medical wing of PICT and there are many being blessed with the excellent medical treatment of  Subbamma Christian Hospital.

Subbamma was born on January 3rd, 2003. She was the first baby born in Subbamma Christian Hospital, opened just a day earlier. Subbamma’s parents felt so blessed to have a baby girl that in order to show their gratitude towards the vision of Subbamma the first Christian in Mori village, they named their first born girl after her.

The hospital is still in progress, but hundreds of people are being blessed with its medical compassion! Please pray for its continued expansion!