Dear Sponsor,

Chinthalamori is a coastal area which always has tourists on its beaches.  There are many Christian fellowships that lift Jesus’ name in the area, as well as a strong ministers fellowship called Messiah Coastal Area Ministers Fellowship. There are also many students from this region who attend Riverside School.

Thanush Reddy, one of these students, is studying in 8th grade. His thoughts and actions separate him from other students. He has siblings, older than him, but he since his father passed away, he has felt very separated from his loved ones. This independence has given him strong philosophies about life. He upholds equality – no discrimination of caste, color, money or position. He loves everyone without regard of differences and is very receptive in Bible classes. Moreover, he is a good leader, always accompanied by his classmates around school. His thoughts are very inspirational: “No one is least in front of God; all are precious.” He always boastful of Jesus and His salvation. He is very capable to propagate Jesus’ teachings in the society.

Please pray for Thanush Reddy so that he would be a strong follower of Jesus for the furtherance of God’s mission in the world!