Jesus Saves Teja’s Family

Sathya Teja is a boy of 5 years and is studying in 1st grade. His parents are Hindus, poor and working in a cashew nut company. They live just behind the Riverside School campus. One day, however, Teja’s father met with an accident around 2 A.M. on his way to work. He fell from his motorcycle  just in front of the Riverside school Main Entrance and was severely injured. He started bleeding from his nose, ear, forehead, knees and mouth. No one was there to help him in the dark early morning except for the school security, who saw him lying on the road and bleeding. He quickly made a call to Riverside School residential teachers and informed them about the accident. They all went there to give him first aid. His heart beat was becoming eerily slow. Riverside school teachers lifted their voices up and cried to the Lord in prayer, right there on the road, to send his life back to him. And the Gracious God heard their cry, reviving the man’s heart. They quickly transported him in the school van and admitted him in a specialized hospital. The Riverside church also provided  Teja’s family a sum of Rupees to help with his surgery and other medical needs. Now he has fully recovered and his family  is so happy. Gradually they are coming to the knowledge of Jesus Christ. Please pray for Satya Teja and his family.