Although we never made it to the beach or temple yesterday, it was a wonderful day of rest for the APU team. We plan to visit them later this week.

Jeremy stepped up to the plate today and took the devotion, even though he was not scheduled. He spoke on the power of darkness and of light and how we have power in Christ to overcome evil temptation in our lives. Amazingly enough, his devotion unknowingly flowed into Matt’s opening session for the teacher’s training in which he discussed the context that we are living in—starting from Adam and Eve and moving from the Old Covenant to the New Covenant we live in because of Christ. He chronicled many of our heroes of Faith throughout the ages touching on Moses, Paul, even Luther and Subbamma, along with many others guiding us through how they lived victorious lives for our Savior. Almost all of the teachers attended, missing only one from Darjeeling, which is near the Himalayas; she will be with us beginning next week.

After the first session we engaged in fun team building activities where the APU team and the teachers found out many similarities and differences amongst each other. It is amazing how people who come from radically different backgrounds hold so much in common because of our common culture in Christ. Pastor Gerry spoke on this concept in the session after lunch. Elaborating on culture, we discussed the aspects of people who live in the Kingdom culture. We also brainstormed many different ways that Riverside school can be a force for the Kingdom through the teachers, parents, and students. Pastor Gerry encouraged us to walk in a manner worthy of the calling of Christ as so many before us have done due to the strength of God’s work in us.

After a short break we did another fun team building activity with the teachers before diving into our last session where Matt spoke on living in a victorious manner because of our transformation in Christ. He opened with Romans 7:14-25 where the author laments a life of powerlessness. The key that Matt pointed out is the verse says “I” over 40 times. The next section of text, Romans 8:1-16 describes a life lived through the Spirit. This life is powerful, free, and adventurously expectant for what God is going to do. Matt encouraged us in living this way as teachers, students, and disciples.

The teachers were extremely engaged all through todays training activities. We are excited for what Matt, Kay, and Gerry will bring for tomorrow’s session. Please pray for this time as we all learn together.


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Learning to live victoriously in Christ,

Leo, Katie, and the Team