David and Solomon are identical twins in 8th grade. They come from a loving family with a father, mother, and sister. The whole family is well known in the area for their musical talent, which they use to glorify God in their church band. The boys’ father is a keyboard player who is also skilled in the electric rhythm pad. Having these electronic music skills sets them apart from the other talent in the rural setting of Mori. Their father taught David to play the drums and Solomon to play the keyboard.

    The bond between David and Solomon is obvious, strengthened by the trust they’ve formed performing on stage together. For example, David had appendicitis and was in the hospital for a week and Solomon prayed for his brother the whole time. When he got better they were back at church right away to play their favorite Telegu praise songs in celebration.

    Please pray for this family and for their prayerful mother, who holds the spiritual growth of her kids in top priority. Please ask for God’s favor as David someday pursues his dream of becoming a Pastor and Solomon pursues engineering.