What a friend I have in Jesus

“What a friend I have in Jesus”

I am Sushma, a 10 year old girl, studying in 5th grade. Since our parents work in Kuwait, I live with my sister, alone. She is 10 years older than I am, and I did not find her friendly. We are under the control of our surrounding cousins. In the past, I often felt bad for myself. I used to curse my solitary life. I felt almost like an orphan and had no interest in studies. I knew how to sing well, but had no interest in singing. Loneliness haunted me severely.
When I saw some of my friends enjoying life with their parents, I felt like it was my destiny to be alone. I stayed away from concern and love of my parents for the last several years. Then, I started to listen to the teachers’ speeches in the daily assembly and the words of encouragement in the classroom.  I felt someone was leading me to a pasture of hope and love. My mind started to tell me that I had a friend. But when I started to recall a list of my friends and cousins names, I was disappointed.
One day I was attending the morning assembly, and there I heard an echo ” GOD BECAME MY FATHER THROUGH JESUS CHRIST MY BEST FRIEND AND SAVIOR OF SOUL”. Soon after, I bowed myself down before the Father and handed my life over to my savior. I felt that I have redeemed my life. Gradually I began to understand that Jesus had redeemed me to become His child. I am so happy today. I love my Jesus more than all of the silver and gold in the world.