To our wonderful sponsors:

I want to let you know about the sad story of Sunny Babu in 3rd grade. When he was a little boy, his father quarreled with his mother so much that left them both alone and went his own way. Sunny, now 8 years old, still doesn’t know that his father will not come back: he is still waiting for his father’s return.

Sunny’s parents were not well in terms of life, and they blamed each other for many of their problems. Sunny, unaware of the hostility between them, still believes that his father went abroad for a job and will come back to see him and will take him abroad. His mother hasn’t revealed anything to him about the truth. Sunny is very curious to study and memorize Bible verses, and is also extra energetic, submissive and obedient. Due to her job in the Gulf, he only gets a chance to see his mother once a year, and stays with relatives otherwise.

Please pray for Sunny and his studies. May God reveal Himself  to Sunny as his very own Father in Heaven!