Sujin is studying in UKG. Miss. Princy, the class teacher, is so excited to talk about  Sujin, who is only 4 years old, but is so curious to know new things. Sometimes he thinks and speaks beyond what she has taught in class! Sujin always wants to be first among his classmates.

In February, there was a music concert at Riverside school led by SNEHA, a school for blind and disabled students. All of our Riverside students were asked to bring a small contribution to help the team of blind singers financially. Collectively, Riverside School donated an astounding amount, around Rs.40,000 ($700 ). Amazingly, Sujin, with the help of his family and neighbors, donated the highest amount from Kindergarten: Rs. 800! During the Annual Day function, the Sarpanch (village mayor) granted Sujin a special award for his contributions and publicly appreciated for his generosity.

Miss. Princy is very dedicated to build up her kids in UKG and is excited to have students like Sujin lead the way. Please pray for Sujin and other kids in UKG.