Dear potential sponsor,

I would like to tell you about Subbha Raju, one of my students. Although his name means “king,” he is going through the toughest times of his life. Subbha Raju’s father was an AIDS patient and passed  away a couple of years ago. When he found out that his mother was also affected with the same disease, Subbha Raju felt like he had become an orphan. His life often feels full of darkness and aimlessness since his father’s death left them in poverty. He now has a full scholarship so that he can remain at Riverside.

Some of his cousins take care of him and his mother, but sometimes the relatives feel that Subbha Raju’s family became too much of a burden for them. An individual conversation with him makes it clear, however, that Subbha Raju seeks to bless, instead of burden others. His is very interested in studying the Bible, and Riverside school teachers are very supportive of him in studies and personal life. Subbha Raju  and his family are most certainly under the prayer surveillance of Riverside Missionaries.

Please Pray for Subbha Raju and his mother. May the good God heal and lead them!