Today came with the gift of rain. Our morning opened with a special time of worship together and a message from Karly on the importance of Psalm 46:10. In this time of excitement and activities she reminded us of the necessity for each of us to remain present in every moment and rest in the knowledge that God is Father of all. To sit in His presence and acknowledge who He is keeps our focus on His amazing love. This practice is foundational to our ability to show love well to our friends here in India, our team, and each lovely soul we encounter.

This day was also the first day of VBS. Our message for the children and families who participated was “Children of Purpose”. To break the ice, we spoke the language of song. Roughly 112 children attended and all lit up as we sang fun songs to Jesus. Father Abraham was a definite favorite, even over the sounds of thunder and rain. After we sang songs, there was time for the children to make themselves a crown and acknowledge their identity as a child of the King. We also performed a few skits, all which were met with great enthusiasm. Both Katie and Leo shared gospel and discipleship messages encouraging all present to follow Jesus with their whole self.

Today was a great blessing to us as well as the church we visited. It was fun to see the American team attempt to learn a Telegu hymn and see many respond with smiles as we passed out candies and bracelets. We also got the chance to see the fruit of our efforts as 2 children chose to enroll in Riverside school and continue following Jesus through their education. We also saw the largest dental camp Subamma Hospital has ever had—42 patients in total. Many had the opportunity to get dental work done by Subamma Hospital’s dentist and the two dental assistants from Northern India.

In addition to the blessing of VBS, Pastors Gerry and Kay, and Matt have had the opportunity to meet with teachers of Riverside School in hopes of getting to know them better. The gravity of these meetings was not anticipated. The teachers graciously opened up to express sorrows and joys in their lives. Gerry, Kay, and Matt were excited to pray with the teachers through the things shared. This is one of many ways Riverside School has been welcoming and loving toward our team. In sharing burdens, teachers and team members alike can learn to support and love one another well.

These teachers enthusiastically partnered with Kay and Karly to prepare for the Women’s Conference that will begin on Wednesday this week. They enjoyed the creativity of decorating the room that the seminars will be held in. Kay and Karly expressed their deep enjoyment and thankfulness for the fellowship, as well.

This afternoon we continue our service by beginning work on the classrooms—attempting to transform them into beautiful works of art for the students to enjoy.

This place never ceases to surprise and amaze. God is moving in India and our team is blessed beyond belief to witness and participate in this journey.


With hearts full,

Leo, Katie, and the team