The 2014-2015 academic year brought an astounding 59 little kids to Lower Kindergarten, so Ms. Pushpa certainly has her hands full. Their classroom is a different world for them, brightly decorated with “The Fruits of the Spirit.” Even though it is crowded, each child feels that their class room is the second home and that Pushpa is their loving mother. And love them she does! She dotes on them, singing songs and letting them sleep on her lap during nap-time. The parents are happy to send their children to Riverside Kindergarten because they are not only studying but also behaving diligently. Ms. Pushpa finds the special time to teach them Christian songs and spiritual lessons. The kids like songs and music very much. Sometimes they feel like dancing while listening songs. The kids love Jesus so much and are so excited to listen Bible stories and songs.

They enjoy being with her so much that towards the beginning of the year, she had a very difficult time making them stay at home whenever they were sick. With the help of “ayammas,” she is maintaining some sense of order in the classroom, but please pray that God will provide another assistant, as her previous help was not able to continue on. Also pray for her health, as she is often weak, but will never take a sick day away from her children. Thank you for your prayers!

Please pray for our little ones. Let them grow up strong in Christ!

UPDATE: November 25, 2014 – Thank you for your prayers! We have just hired a new assistant! Please continue to pray for her and Pushpa, that they will work well together and train the children well. Please also pray that she will gain a quick understanding of the English language, so that she can also help teach the students. Thank you!