With more than 40 members in the third-grade class, it can be hard to manage, but one student always shows her talent in the midst of the chaos. Sherley, who jumped straight from first grade to third grade, has a love of learning paired with a heart of service. She likes to help around the classroom by acting as a mini-teacher.

In fact, when she comes after school for her brother’s piano lessons, she plays in the classroom as a teacher, showing the imaginary class what she has actually learned that day! 

Sherley’s favorite subjects are Science, Math, and English. Her dream is to become a doctor one day. She says, “When my family members are sick, I like to help take care of them.” Sherley says that she doesn’t want people to feel hurt, so she wants to be a gentle doctor. 

Annela, her music teacher, says, “Sherley stands out because she has a sincere interest to learn music and set a good example for her peers.”Third-class Sherley shares an inspiring speech with the Student body on India’s Independence Day.

Please pray for Sherley, that she would stay on the right track and have a life that is pleasing to the Lord!