Marvin (One of the leaders of the Simpson nursing team) started the day off by praying for the leadership of India after a stellar devotional. We then were privileged to hear a lesson from Chairman Sir about open innovation and business models as they apply to the classroom, and to excellence in teaching. This lesson he normally gives to his Berkeley students and international counterparts. He blew us away with his knowledge on the subject and his ability to relate business theories to all the individuals and teachers present.
After splitting with the nursing team, the teacher’s conference resumed for the final day. We started off with team building games. The team enjoyed bonding with the teachers and getting to utilize their competitive natures. Pastor Gerry talked about working as a team with the metaphor of being different parts of the body. The APU team and the teachers split into groups to think through the idea of teamwork and what that means for the Riverside School staff.
We had an early lunch before the concluding session of the teacher’s conference. The final session powerfully concluded with a foot-washing ceremony where the head staff of Riverside School and Project India washed the feet of the teachers and the APU team. Communion, blessings and prayer followed this impactful moment before the APU team prayed over each teacher individually. Many of the teachers came to tears. Both the APU team and the teachers then gathered together as Chairman Sir prayed over the school building—dedicating the upcoming school year to the Lord’s work.
Around mid-afternoon both APU and Simpson trekked into town, past the water buffalos and coconut trees. We bought gifts for family and friends while making a huge scene as twenty-four, wide-eyed Americans got stuck crossing streets trying not to get hit by motorbikes and auto-rickshaws. Jenny Miss lives in town, saw our huge commotion, and graciously invited us into her home for cool drinks and a break from the cacophony of Malikipuram. We then squished 12-a-piece into two auto-rickshaws home, where the best meal ever—shrimp curry and rice—awaited us.
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With bellies full, and dreams awaiting, goodnight,
Leo, Katie, and the Team.