Hello to all and greetings from India!

I am very proud of my class, since out of 33 students, only 4 of them are very weak in their studies. The 1st academic term I struggled a lot with the syllabus, but by the grace of God my children have improved. I personally pray for them every morning, and once in class, I will often ask them for their prayer requests and make them pray themselves. Please pray for them continually.

Please pray especially for Roshini, one of my struggling students who moved to this state only this year. Subsequently, she does not speak well in English or Telugu. She was supposed to enter into 1st grade this year, but she was not equipped well enough for that class, so she was moved to my class. She is also very skinny, and I worry about her health. Although she seems to be happy most of the time, I fear for her well-being. Please pray that God will give her good knowledge and good health, and that she will eat well in the future.

Thank you for partnering with me in this Kingdom work!