Rohith is studying in 1st grade. When his parents decided to enroll him at Riverside, they said that this school was their only hope to rid him of his bad behavior, and to shape him in his life and studies. Miss. Elsu, the class teacher of 1st grade, is working hard and praying along with the other teachers to shape him.

With his mental illness, Rohith is not able to concentrate in class like the other students. His parents tried placing him in special schools designed for the mentally challenged, but he could not survive there and they brought him back to Riverside school. Now his parents are working far from home, leaving him under the care of his grandparents. Unfortunately, they do not care for him properly, and for several holidays, when the rest of the hostel students were taken home, no one came to pick him up.

Behind his naughtiness, Rohith does have a sweet spirit, and desires to help his teachers. During these moments of clarity, he is so eager to help clean the classroom or carry heavy things. Please pray for Rohith to be transformed completely through the love and power of Jesus Christ.