Goodbyes, as with our American team, are always difficult, but it is wonderful to know that for many in the group, this was simply a “See you later!”, as several have already expressed a desire to return next year. Their (physical) contribution to the school was especially clear as the students  began to fill the classrooms, and absolutely loved the decorations and freshly painted desks. For an amazing look at what else they did, check out this video, created by Alexa Sorenson!

With new admissions coming into Riverside each day, we have passed our goal of 300 students, and are eager to have upwards of 350 by the end of August. After many school days canceled because of 124 degree heat, our staff and students were grateful for the cooling rains of summer today. The days off did allow us to finish projects like installing carpet in Joice Miss and my (Heather’s) offices though:


Please do pray for the health of the staff and students here, as the extreme heat has caused many to stay home with “fever” (most likely a form of heatstroke). 

We are very excited that because of a growing reputation in the community, we are in a position to charge “full” tuition (which still only covers teachers’ salaries and fuel costs), rather than lowering it just to gain enrollments. However, this does mean that some students from particularly poor families are unable to attend our school. We are praying for more, and more consistent sponsorships of children, so that they can attend a school which, as I have been learning, is really top-notch, especially when compared with the local government schools. 

A few of the projects we desire to start soon, pending the proper funds, include: 

–   Installing solar panels on campus to eliminate outrageous electric and generator bills, as well as power outages

–   Repairing the dilapidated water tower that supplies fresh water for the school and hospital

–   Fixing the leaks and cracks in the hospital and school (especially before monsoon season gets too underway)

God is so good, and we trust Him with the repair of these facilities, but are still seeking people to facilitate these projects. Prayerfully consider being one of them!

Please also pray for the prompt hire of a new physics teacher, an additional surgeon, and a full-time hospital administrator. Thanks!

We have a truly amazing staff of teachers and administrators here at Riverside, and I am so grateful to work alongside them. Stay tuned for updates of school and hospital functions! God bless!

Enjoy a clip of some of our darling Lower Kindergarten kids singing here, and remember to “like” us on Facebook!