If you have been following along with our Facebook page and email newsletters, you will know that this month we celebrated Teachers’ Day, said farewell to Alex Thomas, and finally hired two new teachers. I praise God for each one of these special events and people, and for His timely provision. For this update, I want to highlight some of the work that happens behind the scenes to keep this school functional.


Goodbye Alex! We will miss you!



Welcome Devi!


Welcome Suvarna!

We have been blessed with a wonderfully large campus here in Mori, which allows us to provide accommodation for students and teachers, gives the kids an actual playground, and even lets us grow some of our own vegetables and spices. However, this large of a campus also requires a lot of upkeep. Our sweepers work hard to keep all of the classrooms clean, as well as the roads maintained for the buses, and the hostel well-kept. Like any campus, we need security guards and plumbers, kitchen staff and electricians. So our wonderful Martha keeps track of all of these different departments, incredibly orchestrating their work schedules, tasks, and payments, as well as overseeing special construction projects. She is amazing!

Yesterday, to finish out the month of September, Martha took all of these sweepers and kitchen staff (as well as a few handymen and lucky teachers) on a special excursion, out to Perupalam beach. The day was beautiful, and it was evident that the staff enjoyed it – they could not stop beaming! After a long drive in one of our trusty school buses, we first stopped at an ornate Catholic church right on the beach. Built around 30 years ago, it featured many statues of Christ and His mother, many in beautiful Indian colors. After a delicious lunch of chicken biryani, we all played a few games that Martha had arranged, drawing comical gazes from other tourists there. It is fun to be silly publicly sometimes, isn’t it?

photo 3

Mariamma got one of the top scores!

photo 1

A group full of laughter!

photo 2

In front of the Pieta









The main attraction was the beach, where we, and several hundred other beach-goers, enjoyed the picturesque waves and the beaming sunshine. Plus, carts of ice cream brought us extra bites of happiness! It was such a pleasure to be able to facilitate a time for these hardworking men and women to relax and enjoy one another’s company. Riverside could not run without them!


She is the sweetest!

Thanks for reading! God bless!