This month flew by for those of us at Riverside, thanks to the Dussera holidays, which lasted until October 6, and also to the quarterly exams, which kept the students (and teachers!) occupied until the third week of the month! This month also brought us many new blessings, as our prayers for a physics teacher were answered in the form of veteran teacher Kiran, who will happily relieve Heather from improvising in the role. Already, he has utilized the new lab that Alex set up, and fits in well with our (now complete!) teaching staff. Please pray for a peaceful move for him, and that the students would learn well from him.
Another blessing this month was the safe delivery of PE teacher Nani’s second child, a beautiful baby boy known for now as “Lucky Babu.” Nani chose this temporary name because of the success of  his wife’s C-section, which he was very worried about. After 21 days, the family will go to the church to officially name him. Both mother and child are in good condition and the young family is gradually adjusting to having the baby at home with 2-year-old Leni. Thank you to everyone for your prayers! They helped a very nervous Nani accept that this procedure was in God’s hands, and not his own.
As progress reports head out this week, many students will face the harsh pressure of success by their parents and family members. To combat this, our homeroom theme this week is “Value in Christ.” Our goal is to remind students that even if they did not perform well in a particular subject, their true value is in our Lord and Savior. With the rigorous study hours these children are expected to hold in India, I see this as such an important truth to impart to them.
Another significant event this month was Diwali, the traditional festival of lights. To celebrate the defeat of light over darkness, Indians light candles and set off dozens of fireworks and sparklers throughout the night. While syncretism is a very real threat around here, those left of us on campus (most hostel children went home to be with their families) decided to join in on the festivities, celebrating Christ’s true defeat over darkness, His triumph over sin and death. It was a beautiful time of fellowship, as well as a beautiful display of lights all around the campus.
Thank you one and all for your prayers. We are continually striving to make Riverside a place of blessing, both for our students and teachers, and for our community. We could not do this without you. God bless!


One of the many innovative sparklers we enjoyed!