Things never quite slow down here at Riverside, but thankfully God gives us all the strength required to do His will. During these last two weeks of school, our student enrollment has continued to grow (the number of new students is now over 100! Praise God!). We have the fantastic problem of needing more benches and desks, as well as more teachers!

This is a desperate prayer request, though: we are in need of a new Physics/Chemistry teacher (our prospective hire left for a government school), a new computer teacher/general substitute, and most urgently, a new LKG teacher. Our wonderful Pushpa Miss is handling over 40 tiny children on her own right now! Please pray that God will send the right people, and fast!

There is also lots of construction going on around the campus, as we prepare for rainy season (I know I said it had already come in the last report, but apparently, I lied). Cool weather is supposed to be just around the corner. While the sun still shines, however, the children thoroughly enjoy spending time outdoors on the playground:



Katie, and Melody, two of our last Americans, left on Sunday after serving Riverside for 3 additional weeks. They helped establish/monitor the school schedule, train the teachers in Google Drive, and take pictures for Riverside’s first yearbook! We are so grateful that they spent part of their summer with us.

New to campus is Mr. Alex Thomas, a science teacher from the U.K. who is graciously volunteering for 2 months here. He is originally from Kerala, west India, and enjoys speaking Malayalam with the other campus teachers. I am already so impressed by his work ethic and his dreams for the school (after simply finding us on the internet!). He is renovating the current science lab, and installing a new one for physics and chemistry (at his own expense!). He has also helped out with the higher classes as we search for a physics teacher, keeping the syllabus on track. Last but not least, he is utilizing his talents as a pastor to serve under John Prakash, our campus pastor, to bless our small English-speaking church on campus.



Our fearless leaders, Martha and Joice, are keeping busy, managing the total repainting of the school and influx of prospective students, respectively. Please pray for the health of each of these incredible ladies, as they both suffer from long-term, painful conditions. Their bright smiles would never let it show, but they both work tremendously hard, and need our prayers as they serve on the front lines for Christ’s Kingdom. IMG_6273

Lastly, I just want to mention our wonderful kitchen staff. These women wake up very early to make sure that the staff and hostel students all have a fresh, nutritious, and not to mention tasty meal. They eat last, and they labor hard, but they have the most beautiful smiles and helpful spirits. I for one am grateful for their essential work on this campus.



Thank you for reading. Thank you for praying. Thank you for believing in our work here: may God receive all the glory!