Returning to work after a series of holidays is never easy, but the plethora of said holidays, thanks to our school’s combination of Christian and Hindu (national) vacations, makes it even more difficult. We started the season with Christmas celebrations, including carol singing at students’ homes, on-campus services, and a visit to the local church’s large function. Next was New Years, a huge holiday in India, complete with the Lord’s Supper, a time of powerful testimonies, and sending lanterns into the sky. After half-yearly exams for the students came Sankranthi holidays, which for our Christian staff simply meant a few more days off from school, which they used to fast and pray; one evening’s prayer meeting went until 3 am!

Christmas at the Mori GDM church, with Judah, Dr. Veerraju and Solomon.

Christmas at the Mori GDM church, with Judah, Dr. Veerraju and Solomon.

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Prayer in David’s Home


(The wind was too powerful for us to send this many at once, but we still enjoyed the beautiful sight of the “wishing lanterns” floating away)


Sajini, Treesamma, Heather, and Elsu at Christmastime.

This week includes even more holidays: Monday was India’s Republic Day (President Obama was the primary speaker in Delhi for this event), Friday is the Antharavedi Festival (held at the large temple the summer team visited), and Saturday is the 10th grade Farewell Function. It may seem early for end-of-the-year festivities, but the big exam for the 10th graders is actually only 2 months away!
As one would expect, these frequent interruptions make students less eager to study, so please pray that they will be diligent for the remainder of the year and make our school proud!
Blessings to you this New Year, and thank you for your prayers.