Rajesh, one of the former school leaders, is studying in 9th grade, while his sister Manasa is in 7th grade. To be frank, Rajesh is struggling to go on with his education. His family is very poor and his parents are working as manual laborers in a cashew net company. Rajesh daily helps his parents in their labour. Soon after school, he goes and joins his parents in their work until the day gets dark. He then goes home and diligently works on his studies. All the holidays he spends with his parent to help them. For him there is no entertainment like his colleagues have.

Rajesh says that when he works hard he feels drawn¬†closer to his dream to become a mechanical engineer. Sometimes he is not brave enough to tell his parents because he knows that they couldn’t afford it. But his ambition to become a mechanical engineer forces him to toil hard for success. He trusts in God very much and works hard for his future.

Please pray for Rajesh and his studies!