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Can you believe we have already been here a week? It has been a fantastic time of growth, fellowship, and learning. Today we had the pleasure of leading Riverside School’s church service, which was only us and the teachers since school is not in session yet. We sang several songs, and loved the singing of the Kerala teachers in Malayalam. John has also been teaching a few Riverside students guitar, so their group played “Amazing Grace” for us! Matt gave a wonderful message about connecting with God on the spirit level, not through the mind, emotions, or will, and Gen shared her powerful testimony with us all.

Next on the agenda was a visit to the Mori church that was founded by Subbamma and her husband. That woman was amazing! We sang “Blessed be the Name of the Lord” and “Srusti Kartha Yesu Deva,” our token Telugu song. We experienced the Indian hospitality of Coke and Sprite again (since of course as Americans, we all love soda), but we did appreciate the gesture and the cool drink. After a quick lunch, we took a wild ride to the church of the Riverside Public Relations Officer, our beloved Nani. This church had the right idea, with wide open walls to let the air in. We did a mini-VBS for the kids (and parents) there – once again they loved the “Everything” skit and the silly songs. At one home afterwords, a young boy, Frank, scaled a palm tree to cut us down some delicious, fresh coconuts! It was definitely an “India” moment!

Today we also welcomed a few more members into our team: Solomon’s family; Amy, Jaelle, and Nena, Amy’s friend Jenny, and Mike’s friend Sean. This made dinner particularly loud, especially when we celebrated Jeff’s birthday all together. Matt had arranged for us to bring some extra snacks for him to enjoy, and Martha even made him a special cashew cake! It was a great Sabbath day spent fellowshipping with brothers and sisters in Christ.