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Even in these short two days of our Riverside Summer Camp, we formed¬†many beautiful relationships with the kids. Splitting up into the same groups as yesterday, we were able to enjoy the company of the same girls and boys, even if we needed a reminder of the pronunciation of their name. The craft today was a “Salvation Bracelet,” which gave a simplified version of the Gospel through colored beads. In the older kids group, as Heather began to explain the significance of these themes to a Hindu girl, she was awed by the help and explanation of Pallavi, a girl visiting from Mumbai for just these two days. Pallavi spoke in a mix of Telegu and English, explicating the meaning of the salvation, baptism, and eternal life. It is so wonderful to meet loyal Christ-followers halfway around the world.

One special treat today was a puppet show spearheaded by Judah and Jeff. He, Taylor, Siarah, and John acted out the stories of Nicodemus, the Good Samaritan, and the Bleeding Woman. Plus, we had a visit from “Captain Nemo,” i.e. Judah’s head and John’s hands, who acted out his morning routine, including (messily) brushing his teeth, washing his hair, and reading the Bible. Many kids who came to summer camp last year loved this revisit. Another hit was getting to go on the zip-line once again!

Our team is excited to lead a few songs for Riverside’s church tomorrow, as well as visit two more. On Monday, we will visit Charles Whitehouse’s tomb – he was the British missionary who (literally and spiritually) saved Subbamma, the founder of the basis for Riverside School. Last night, Solomon told us the story of other early missionaries to this area, who had to walk for days to get basic supplies. Many did not see anyone come to Jesus for years, but stayed faithful. God has been faithful too, as there is now a church in Hyderabad that serves more than 40,000 people!

Now that VBS has concluded, our team looks forward to helping out the school in different ways, including designing murals in classrooms, running teacher’s training, facilitating the pastor’s conference, and, very excitingly, setting up a brand-new computer center that will offer computer processing classes.

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