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A house full of song is always a joyful place, so early in the morning, we raised our tunes to the rafters. The words to Revelation Song and Your Great Name then guided our day as we battled the extreme heat (as in, the Indians actually admitted it was hot) and a lengthier schedule. Many of the kids arrived early, anxious to be let into the cafeteria to begin. When 9:30 finally rolled around and we put the “Numa Numa” dance onto the projector, the room erupted into screams. Melody then taught the growing crowd a few favorites, including “Yes Lord,” “Waves of Mercy,” and “Deep Down.”

With 150 youngsters now in the room, it was time to partition everyone up into 3 groups: little, middle, and big! Our team split up as well, guiding the kids between 3 different stations. One, a cross craft, gave us time to talk more with the kids about why they came to our camp and ultimately about Jesus, since there were a handful of Hindu children with us. Another highlight was the Planetarium, an awesome blowup that we crawled into to gaze upon a projection of the stars. Matt and Swaroop gave an excellent presentation connecting God and science, the majesty of the natural world and the glory of creation. Our final station was the zip-line: the only one in the state of Andhra Pradesh!

Overall, the day went smoothly and we thoroughly enjoyed getting to spend more one-on-one time connecting with the kids. It was a time of joy and enthusiasm, and most importantly, of celebrating Jesus.