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Today was a beautiful day of prayer! Our loyal team leaders, Ilse and Rochelle, decided to wake up early this morning to focus of Jesus and to dedicate the day to Him in prayer, and the results were evident! One of the most significant differences was that a handful of the smaller children approached some of the team members to ask them to “Pray? Pray?”. Rochelle prayed for the healing of one little girl, and we all prayed for the pastor of the church and his wife. (Plus, we all got ice cream after: an answer to prayer for those of us with a sweet tooth!)

There was a beautiful time of fellowship after the official program. The Americans and Indians were both enamored with each other, and they took as many pictures of us as we did of them! No one wanted to leave this time, as, even with a language barrier, there was “joy without words” (Rochelle). When we did exit the beautifully decorated church, we were asked to cross the street to pray for a family in their new home. With Hindu markings outside the gate, we didn’t know what to expect, but both the mother and grandfather of the family were receptive to Pastor Mel’s healing oils. And since this is India, we also prayed for a (Godly) wife for the son. (Chairman Solomon explained to us the extensive system for determining dowries).

Chairman Solomon also addressed that we would be visiting a poorer church today, but honestly, the colors of the clothing were just as bright, and the smiles were even brighter. As we first walked through the door, we were greeted by a few lovely songs, and the most enthusiastic and welcoming visages. We felt so loved, and it was evident that they had been anticipating our arrival for a long time.

Thank you, as well, to our incredible supporters for your prayer! Tough moments are  inevitable, considering the energy expended at the camps, but your prayer gives us strength! We are able to love these kids, and show them God’s love for them, because of your partnership with us, so thank you!