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[tribulant_slideshow layout=”specific” post_id=”2257″ width=”763″ height=”550″ auto=”true”] The conclusion of the Pastors’ Conference was a success. Pastor Fraser and Pastor Melanie had rightly earned the trust and respect of the pastors and their wives, and through the vivacity and clarity of the translators, were able to impart more wisdom to these wonderful men and women. The day was filled with worship, which we especially enjoyed when we joined them for communion. A lone soprano rang out as the elements were passed out to our group of nearly 90 people, filling the room with a great joy. It was our first communion in Telugu, and even though the “wine” tasted like prune juice and cough syrup, we were ecstatic to partake of this sacrament in a land where people do shed their blood and bodies for His Kingdom. At the end of their very long day, Matt, Jeff, Solomon, Pastors Melanie and Fraser presented individual certificates of participation to the couples. Many were so moved that they then offered up (lengthy) “thank you” speeches for the school for hosting them and for the leaders for caring so deeply about them. It was an exhaustive process, pouring into these hungry men and women, but our leaders know that the overflow of joy that results will impact many in the communities. For the majority of the day, the college girls hustled and bustled to finish our rooms before the grand “judging” at 4:30. We were indebted to the Indian teachers, who knew the best ways to pleat saris and hang banners and a space suit (!). As the finishing touches were put on the rooms, we began to picture the young lives that would enjoying them in the coming year. The main ministry of Project India is this school, and as proud as we were of the dynamic VBS’s, we are just as happy to be leaving these classrooms, with scripture painted on the walls, to remind the kids throughout the year of the love of their Father. The work done by the construction team once again blew me out of the water. Mike, Sean, Tony H. and Tony I. worked tirelessly to haul even more concrete up to the roof. At one point Sean was literally running back and forth to power the pulley system they had constructed. Talk about commitment! Another exciting development for them was the dedication of the Capstone Computer Center, which these men set up last week. They were able to present it to the group of pastors, who will then advertise for it in their congregations! It really is a very nice facility, and we hope that it will bring notoriety and fresh income to the school. Please pray for the continuation of the progress we have made here: with the teachers, and their sense of community and mutual spiritual growth, with the pastors and their commitment to a “Kingdom Culture”, with the pastors’ wives and their newfound fellowship and power, with the VBS students and their realization that Jesus is their friend, and with the solar panel project on the Riverside campus. God will be faithful!


Just to give you a better idea of the classrooms (I don’t think they will look quite right in the slideshow)

room3 room2 room1 sari