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It’s crazy to think that the majority of our team will be leaving in just a few short days. India, with all of its idiosyncratic and uncomfortable moments, has delighted our hearts. From the tiny babies we visited in the hospital to the elderly women we encountered on the streets, with their decayed but vibrant smiles, we have been enraptured by the people here. So thank you, our wonderful families and friends, for supporting us through paper and prayer, and for allowing us to have this incredible cross-cultural experience. 

One major lesson from our cross-cultural exchange has been to be “fluid and flexible.” India does not operate on the same intense time-table as America, so we have had to adjust to the inevitable delay in anything we plan. As the college girls continued to work decorating our classrooms, we had to wait again and again for the supplies we needed (Can you believe there’s no Walmart here?!). That said, the rooms are coming along beautifully and will be a great surprise for the students on Thursday. We are so happy to be leaving a lasting mark on the school that will remind the teachers that they have brothers and sisters in Christ praying for them from around the world.

The construction team finished bringing up the hundreds of pounds of concrete supplies to the roof via pulley, and faced the intense sun for the majority of the day (Lacking supplies as our biggest problem was certainly put into perspective). Sean and Tony also took a “break” to help hang wires in the last classroom, as well as set up three of the campus computers to be used for lesson plans.

It was another amazing day of our pastors’ and pastors’ wives conference. They are a really incredible group, on the front lines of persecution and harsh conditions. We are grateful for their ministry and service to their communities. Pastor Fraser continued his message on having a Kingdom-geared mentality; if we are influenced and inspired primarily by our love of Christ, our work will be considerably more joyful and productive than if we are bogged down by the pressures of this world. With the help of  his translator Pastor Vijayam, Pastor Fraser spoke on the heart, and its importance in ministry. Across the campus in the beautifully decorated room of the wives’ conference, Melanie, Genevieve, Christina, and Amy facilitated another powerful day of prayer, having each of the women pray over their sisters. The women also took part in Gen’s growing canvas, excited to be part of such an extensive project.

Prayer Requests: The initiation of a monthly meeting for the pastors’ wives; Principal Joice’s health; provision of qualified (Indian) workers to help Martha Miss’s workload; Tony’s hand (it’s not broken, thankfully, just very swollen!); the students and teachers preparing for school on Thursday; our team’s energy and patience during our last 2 days. Thank you! We could not make it without you!