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After only two weeks in the country, our team’s standards have definitely adjusted. We, the college girls, have learned to accept our sweaty, non-makeup-ed faces and raggedy hair, while the construction men have learned to live with the spicier, less protein-filled diet. And while we are living in relatively nice conditions, with fans and running water and wifi (thanks Tony and Sam!), we were still very excited to spend the day away at a river resort for the last day of teachers’ training. The conference room we were in for the day was air-conditioned so well that Elsoe and Heather even felt cold in the back row!

John led us in a beautiful time of worship to start off the morning, after first exploring the purpose and means of worship, i.e. to have Spirit meet spirit. To encourage the teachers to see themselves as important parts of the body of Christ, Matt then spoke on the similarities between soldiers of war and soldiers against the Enemy. Both groups need to have back-up and support, and to be in community with one another. Speaking of “one another,” Jeff had us look up all of the passages that involve “one another” (Love, forgive, confess your sins to, etc.). We then chose one command to work on for the next year, and each wrote a list with everyone’s goals. We added each person’s “love language” to this list as well, so that the teachers will be able to encourage each other well.  We love our teachers!

One special activity was contributing to a canvas that Gen has been designing for the past five years. She brings it with her to each country she visits, and has her new friends make a handprint on the fabric in paint and write their name and country next to it. The Indian teachers added more foliage to the tree she is creating, filling in the deep greens of the symbolic body of Christ. One last prayer-filled event for us was saying goodbye to John, our beloved worship leader and honorary grandfather (he loves his young grandkids so much!). We were able to affirm his contributions here and wish him well on his journey home tomorrow. Solomon even got him a traditional “royal” outfit, sparking the name John Raju for the rest of the evening. He will be missed for the next week!

We are so excited to see what the next week, and the pastor’s conference brings. Please keep our team in your prayers as we face lethargy and homesickness, especially as we seek to relish our last few days here.