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Day two of teacher training was a success! We all enjoyed another message from Jeff about the myriad names of God, as well as a meaningful discussion about justification and sanctification facilitated by Matt. Games, like “Would you Rather?” were very telling about our priorities. For instance, Pushpa, our petite and bubbly kindergarten teacher, revealed that she would rather be tall and fat than short and strong (which most of the group chose). The day was rounded out by an explanation on different types of prayer: fasting, prayer walks, even prophecy!

After this wonderful time of prayer, our team walked through the rice paddies to the market town of Malikporam, where we felt like celebrities with all of the waves we received! We stocked up on snacks, and the few of us who are staying longer (Alexa, Katie, Melody, and Heather) utilized Martha’s bartering skills to purchase some beautiful saris. We loved the bustle of the Indian market, and had the special treat of riding a rickshaw back to the house! It was surprisingly easy to fit 12 of us into one three-wheeled auto!

One of the Riverside teachers, David, has his birthday today, so we all went over to his humble home , which was intricately decorated by his lovely wife, to celebrate. They’re was cake, and soda, and even a special candle contraption (the flower opened up as the candles were lit!). It was great to support him and to hear his wonderful testimony, leaving Hinduism to pursue Christ alone. 

Our last treat of the day was a time of relaxation and fellowship amongst the college girls. The incredible female pastors hosted us in their room, complete with snacks they brought from home, and gave us each bracelets, trinkets, and words of encouragement. We are so loved and cared for.

Thank you for your prayers! Mike is out of bed and doing great! He even met with the solar panel engineer, a British guy living in Bangalore, to investigate the best way to save Riverside a tremendous amount of money (<- Our next prayer request!)