(Our team outside our house – note the amazing flowers!)

23 1/2 hours in transit,

12+ hours waiting at airports,

22 team members safely arrived.

It was a crazy adventure, but the group stayed supportive and upbeat for the most part.

We started out Friday morning at LAX, with plenty of time to spare, and made our way to Hong Kong, where we enjoyed some delicious “authentic” Chinese food. Next, we traveled to Hyderabad, India, and by God’s grace made it through customs, despite hostile questions about missions work. We “slept” the night on the cool floors inside, until we met Solomon and his family and got onto our prop plane to Rajahmundry. Our last leg was an insane 3 hour van ride to the school, where we witnessed firsthand both the poverty of the villages and the insanity of the Indian road systems, as well as how kind people can be to lost drivers and to carsick passengers.

Thanks for checking in! Please pray for our VBS tomorrow!

Riverside School

Arrival at Riverside School Campus


(I am so grateful for our wonderful team, and great accommodations!)


(The view from our balcony: rice paddies and coconut trees!)


(Arrival at our destination)