God has been working in so many different ways throughout all the events our teams have been serving at throughout Andhra Pradesh. June 10th was the final VBS of this trip, and God definitely showed Himself in multiple ways. Upon arriving to the church, more than one hundred children were patiently waiting inside, several singing worship songs at the front of the auditorium. From the start, I could feel Christ’s presence and love in the room. 
Children of all ages were packed into the church, but there were two main things which caught my attention other than the sheer number of people Christ brought to the church. The first was the older students. While we have had participation from older students in our previous VBS sites, this group of students was involved in everything from playing the games to doing the crafts, and it really encouraged me. Thinking about the context of being in the U.S. where it seems many teens tend to be more shy about their faith in Christ, being here, seeing the older students so involved and unashamed to be involved really showed how Christ is working in the community. 
The second thing that really caught my attention was, despite there being well over one hundred people in the room, when Matt (our team leader) was giving the lesson, the students were very attentive. I know that that was Christ working, keeping so many children focused on Matt’s lesson. Christ has been answering so many prayers throughout these weeks we have been in Mori, and He is continuing to show Himself everyday we are here.