Vishal is an energetic 4-year-old in the Upper Kindergarten class. He loves anything that rotates and can often be seen looking up excitedly at the fan. Sadly, it can sometimes feel like Vishal’s life is spinning out of control.

     Psychological problems and hyperactivity put Vishal in a difficult situation. He lives on campus with his mother, second grade teacher Ms. Suvarna. A lack of general understanding about children with special needs has caused great distress to Suvarna and Vishal. People have even gone so far as to accuse Vishal of being possessed by demons. Over the years Suvarna has learned more about how to care for Vishal’s behavioral needs, but her busy life as a teacher leaves her little room to give Vishal the attention he craves. As a single mother, Suvarna can only meet the basic needs for Vishal: his hygiene, his diet, and his relationship with her. His father walked out on his duties of disciplining and educating his child.

     Vishal naturally has a tumultuous internal environment, where he cannot regulate or express his emotions and behavior. His external environment used to be just as hectic during the time that his parents were separating. Now, Vishal is often overstimulated in his role among his 60 other kindergarten peers. He tries to behave but doesn’t know how.

     Please pray for the seemingly hopeless situation Vishal and his mother are in. Please pray that he can get the attention he needs to learn and be successful in school. As with anyone with special needs, please pray that God will bring peace of mind to Vishal by educating the people in his life about mental and behavioral disorders.