Fourth class student, Sampson Raj, asked Ms. Sara to pray for his family. His parents were in the process of getting a divorce. Upon hearing this, Sara became heartbroken, and she cried for him. She prayed for Sampson Raj in the classroom, and she also became a support system for his mother. His mother consistently came to Sara with prayer requests, and Sara would reassure her that everything was in God’s hands.

Sampson Raj says that God answered his prayers. Now, his parents are united, and the family is living together in one roof. According to Sarah Miss, Sampson Raj is good in studies, intelligent, and enjoys drawing and singing.

“My favorite subject in school is Math,” Sampson Raj says. “I [also] want to be a poet.” When asked what the phrase love God, love people means, he responded, “That means if our friends have no snack, I will give them a snack.” He enjoys doing homework and playing kabbadi and cricket in the park with his friend Jeevan. Sampson Raj regularly prays for his friends, family, and teachers.

In order to nurture a culture of discipleship at Riverside, we encourage our teachers to take prayer requests from the students. We gather all the prayer requests from LKG to 10th class, and hold an intercessory prayer meeting with the teachers twice a month. Our teachers are demonstrating good examples of prayer, interceding for students, and encouraging students to go to God during difficult times.