Ajay approached me during our homeroom time and asked if I would share this note with the American team:
“My grand father and grand mother have an heartattack and doctor said to us your grandmother maby will die. Sorry I can not do operation. We all shoked. We all prayed a lod and Jesus did a miracle in my grand mother life. She rase up from the death.”
(My grandfather and grandmother had a heart attack, and the doctor said to us “your grandmother might die. Sorry that I can not do an operation.” We were all shocked. We all prayed a lot, and Jesus did a miracle in my grandmother’s life. She was raised up from death!)
It is very encouraging to see students recognize the power of prayer in their lives. Even if their grammar needs improvement, they are able to communicate God’s faithfulness in their lives and they see him as sovereign. As a Christian teacher, we can ask for nothing more.