Three years ago Pastors Gerry and Kay Wilson, of Arcadia Friends Community Church, in Arcadia, California, came to Riverside School in Mori, India to begin a special partnership with the local Indian Pastors and their wives. The vision they were given by Matt Sanders, Hope for People Board Chairman and Summer Team Leader,  and Solomon Darwin, President of Hope for People and Project India,  was to commit to five years of ministry, coming once a year to develop and grow a viable and engaging Pastor’s Training Conference.  Now having just completed year four, Pastors Gerry and Kay are celebrating the amazing growth and partnership they have been witnessing.

This year there were 90 Pastors and wives that spent three days together, thinking about ‘The Power of Prayer’ and the ‘Power of Truth’. On the final day an Indian Pastoral couple, Andrew and Sarah, were called upon to report their sense of what transpired in both the Pastors and Wives conference. Their heartfelt observations, personal lessons learned, and grasp of the teaching received was an inspiring and encouraging testimony that God is on the move in Mori among the Pastors and wives serving His Kingdom.

Every Conference since 2015 has seen growth in numbers, in leadership among the Indian Pastors, and in relationships with Pastors Gerry and Kay that are being nurtured long distance between conferences, and with each other locally throughout the year. One special blessing that is bearing fruit is the Indian Pastors great support of Riverside School that gets stronger every year as they have  seen their own involvement and partnership in the Conferences with Pastors Gerry and Kay grow deeper.

As this years Conference came to a close, the special partnership between Pastors Gerry and Kay and all of the Indian Pastors and Wives was celebrated in song, thanksgiving, gift giving, and prayers of blessings and prayers of commitment to live in ‘The Power of Prayer’ and ‘The Power of Truth’ in order to be a light and witness for Jesus Christ in Mori, India. Even in all of the hugs and good-byes, there was a sense of anticipation and expectation to come together a year from now in 2019, so that everyone might continue growing in this unique partnership that Christ has formed, all for the Glory of our Great God and King!