It is always interesting to enter into a new part of the world. New sites, new sounds, new smells…new everything. And yet, despite all things that are new to me, the presence of God goes with me and gives me a sense of peace and familiarity, even if everything else seems so foreign. Possibly the most revealing way the Lord is present is whenever I meet new people.

Yesterday, my team from Azusa Pacific University and a medical team from Simpson University arrived to India. Despite how long and tiring our travelling was, by the grace of God, we made it safely. After a three-hour drive from Rajahmundry, we arrived in Moripodu where we were greeted by the lovely teachers and medical staff from the Riverside Residential School and the Subbamma Christian Hospital who gave us beautiful flower leis as a part of welcoming us here. In our short time here, we have been greeted with many hellos and smiles from teachers, medical staff, and the locals living near the school. I cannot help but feel joyful by the fact God created each of these individuals, that He planned for us all to meet at this particular time in our lives. That they shall be a part of the story that He has written for us.

It never ceases to amaze me how intricately God has made plans for all our lives and he knew, despite our fears or worries about coming to India, that this day would come. That we would all be here together, full of excitement and wonder, having the chance to see old and new faces. Seeing how His plan will work out by the time this trip comes to end.

I truly look forward to see how God will work in our lives, how we will grow in our experiences, and most of all, the relationships we will build in a place so new yet so familiar because the of the Lord’s presence.


Morgan, Team Leader